Student Advising

Strong relationships build stronger students.

The most critical principle — the formation of consistent relationships between individual students and highly experienced and committed advisors is the key to success that may have been elusive or even non-existent in other settings. Student Advising is at the core of how we work with students at Parkmont — of who and what we are, of everything we do.

Students meet with their advisors formally three times per week for half an hour, and informally almost daily. Advisors offer their students guidance in academic, social and emotional arenas, and work with students individually, in small groups, or with an entire class, depending on what is happening in the lives of the students. The advisors consult with parents, teachers, psychologist, and social workers to develop and implement strategies to help enhance students' personal, social, and academic growth.

The conversations that occur between students and advisors (or teachers) offer profound encouragement, and because these relationships span years, there is an increased chance and time for unique and powerful, success-altering communications. This provides a level of familiarity with a student's issues that goes far beyond IEPs, evoking their best work, getting them truly engaged — the kind of help kids really need to succeed.

We also make counseling available, when needed, for students through our relationship with George Washington University. And students have study skills, study hall and tutoring available to them if they need extra help with homework or organization.

It's these multi-faceted and consistent relationships with advisors that ensure the brightest possible futures for Parkmont students.

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