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Applying to Parkmont School

Parkmont has a long history of working with a diverse student population with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, learning style and socio-economic status. Parkmont teachers and administrators collaborate to evaluate each applicant's individual strengths and talents, carefully assessing whether Parkmont can support the academic and social success of a student. Our Admissions Director works closely with prospective students and families from initial inquiry through enrollment.

How do I apply?

Contact the School: Call us at 202.726.0740 (and press 0) or email us at We will send you materials on our school, and set up an hour-long interview with our Head of School, to discuss whether Parkmont and your child are good fits for one another.

Parent Interview: The parent interview with Ron McClain, Head of School, will primarily be about your child and whether Parkmont is a good fit. He will discuss your child's past educational and social experience and needs. He can also talk with you about navigating the options as you apply to D.C. area schools.

Application: Parents will be given an application for admission at the end of the Parent Interview. The completed application form and a $50 non-refundable application fee should be mailed to Parkmont School, along with two references and current report cards. Testing is not required for admissions, however, if recent educational testing has been done, a copy should be included. If a child has a current Individualized Education Program (IEP), a copy should be included as well.

Student Visit: Once the application is received, parents should schedule a visit for their child, during which time the student will visit classes and meet with the Head of School. Appointments are best scheduled during the academic year, September through June, although we can accommodate families over the summer.

When are decisions made?

Parkmont does not have an application deadline. Decisions are made on a rolling basis, as the application process is completed. It is advisable, however, to submit applications by March for September admissions, as the number of spaces is limited. Students may apply to enter during the current school year if space is available.

When considering an application, the Admissions Committee assesses whether Parkmont is capable of supporting a student's academic success. A student's previous academic record is of less importance than his or her willingness to take an active part in Parkmont's program.

Requesting Information

For a brochure, or to schedule a parent interview, contact the Admissions Office:


Phone: 202-726-0740

Mail to: Parkmont School Admissions, 4842 16th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20011

Fax: 202.726.0748

For more information on the cost of attending Parkmont and options for assistance, see our Tuition & Financial Aid page.

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