Who Attends Parkmont

Who are our students?

Students come to Parkmont looking for more help — more help in school, more individualized teaching at the pace and level that suits the student, more opportunity to explore things they want to learn, and sometimes more of an opportunity to escape the world of special education.

They're in search of another shot at succeeding in school academically, being accepted socially, and working collaboratively with adults who know and care about them. They want to return to their neighborhood high school or to prepare for college. In some cases they want to "get back on track" after challenging life episodes that may have derailed their course in school.

There is no "typical" Parkmont student. Helping them find their own path to success often involves grappling with these challenges that demand individual attention and unique solutions:

While we don't have one type of student, the range of students who've sought our help during the past forty years has been consistent. Today, they may have more labels, and we have more information about their learning styles, strengths, and challenges. But we and they have become leery of being “boxed in” by the language of disability. We've become progressively more expert about working with a variety of learners, and we have resisted the notion that our students should be segregated in school by label or difference.

That’s just one of the reasons why families turn to Parkmont School.

Parkmont Students Parkmont Students Parkmont Students

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