Is your child getting what they need during the pandemic? Parkmont students spend 4 to 6 hours a day in live classes of 10 students or less, whether we’re in Zoom class or on campus, with plenty of teacher contact and support and fun activities in the mix. If you’ll leave your contact information here, we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

The World is Our Classroom ...

… but for now we're learning safely at home. Parkmont students returned virtually to Parkmont Home School on September 8. We will stay in this model for at least the first four weeks of school and consider later this month when we might utilize the plans we’ve developed for on-campus learning later this fall. As a result of our size and recent experience, we can switch from distance learning to attending school on 16th Street with a day’s notice, and vice versa.

As a staff, we’ve used the summer to refine the program we created on the spot this past March, adding some additional class hours and making even greater use of the fun and connectivity we experienced with activities in April and May.

We are very proud of our staff and students and the remarkable success of Parkmont Home School. Relationships and daily conversations are central to our small-school culture – and we look forward to resuming them in person – but we’ve found ways to keep them going even in the Zoom world. Online or on 16th Street, Parkmont means connection, support, and fun for our students. 

Click here to learn more about Parkmont Home School, and all the great things Parkmont students did this spring and will continue this fall through our engaging home school program. We'll get back to Alaska later.


We are interviewing families via Zoom and over the phone and can complete the admissions process virtually for all families. We are still admitting students in all grades for the 2020-21 school year. Our Head of School, Ron McClain, has been at Parkmont for 40 years and has been teaching in DC for 48. He is happy to chat at your convenience and to share his expertise about local schooling options for 6th through 12th graders. Please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Erin Lidz, at

Individualized Learning

Parkmont features small classes, connections with teachers, a simplified school day, and individualized learning.

Learning Made Fun

Fostering Individual Growth and Enthusiasm for Learning

The World is our Classroom

Parkmont students learn out in the world—on mountain tops, at city museums, at local internship sites.

The Internship Program

Upper School students spend six hours per week getting real work experience at internship sites.


Every year, Parkmont takes academic trips and adventure trips, around the city and around our globe.

The Parkmont Poetry Festival

Parkmont 8th grader Casper Corsello reads his winning poem, “A Radical Grammatical Rap” at the 37th annual Poetry Festival. Read all the winning poems here.

We help students learn how to succeed in school — and in life.

Parkmont School provides an environment for transformation and transition — from challenge to success. We've created a sensible, sound, and sensitive approach to the individual needs of each student, calibrating learning to abilities. It's a process that requires patience, plenty of one-on-one interaction between students and faculty, and a personal investment in finding what works, one student at a time. After 48 years and thousands of students, we can confidently say, "It works."

Transformation and Transition

We have rolling admissions and accept students all year. We offer a non-traditional approach to education that focuses on getting students ready for school, college, and work through encouragement and motivation. Learn how you can become part of our community for 2020-21 by applying here. We look forward to hearing from you!