Academic Intrigue at Parkmont

You probably know about Parkmont's unique Main Lesson program--where students take one core subject for two hours a day for seven weeks at a time, and then switch to a new Main Lesson. Students take this Main Lesson course alongside a math class, an English class, an advisory session, and an Afternoon Class (extracurricular sports, art, media, and more.)

Not only does taking a Main Lesson give more students more time in a particular subject area (and less homework overall), BUT, it also allows them to get more in depth in the materials, having more time to engage in projects, field trips, and conversation.

In Session One this fall, we have five Main Lesson offerings in the Upper School, and two in the Middle School.  The Upper School options include: Computer Science, Genetics and Evolution, Capitalism, Speech and Debate, and U.S. Government.  In the Middle School, the Main Lessons include Scientific Discoveries, and U.S. History: The American Revolution & the Civil War.

What will be happening in that Capitalism class, you wonder?! They will study the economic system in which private owners compete for profit. They will learn about basic economic theory and regularly discuss society's future, technology, and more. AND, they will participate in two session-long games: a stock market simulator and a class comptetion called "The Jungle!" Stay tuned for photos and updates in later blogs.