Everglades Adventure Underway

The Everglades Ecology trip is well underway and they are having a true adventure!!! Check out (and like!) Parkmont's Facebook page to get photos and the blow by blow on what the kids are learning and seeing each day.

Here are a few quotes from Facebook from the travelers:

2/25: "The past two days in the Everglades have been truly spectacular. Our Water Ecology class spent yesterday and this morning aboard two houseboats, trawling through Coot and Whitewater Bay near Flamingo. We cooked two incredible meals, watched the sun set and rise in Whitewater Bay, and explored the surrounding channels by canoe in the early morning. This was the first time spending the night on the water for many of us, and it was a really special experience."

2/24: "We spent yesterday at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, one best beaches in the country (rated number seven by Forbes). The beach was beautiful and we spent four hours playing in the waves and checking out the lighthouse. We also had our fair share of wildlife—we saw iguanas for the first time, a number of birds, and dolphins for the second day in a row."

2/23: "Kayaking with George and Susan from Up A Creek Kayak Tours at Isle de Capri Paddle Craft Park. We had such a good time, these guys are are awesome!"

2/22: "So far we have visited the Rookery Bay Conservation Center, Corkscrew Swamp, and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Today, we got our first taste of the Everglades—in the morning we took a boat tour of the 10,000 Islands, located off the coast of Everglades City, and in the early afternoon we completed a 15 mile bike ride at Shark Valley. The wildlife and scenery has been incredible, and after a busy last few days we are looking forward to relaxing at the beach tomorrow!"