Off to a Great Start!

It's been a great start to the 2015-16 school year!  We're thrilled to have 65 students at Parkmont, who are loving learning and enjoying their school days.  For such a small school, you won't believe the number of interesting classes being offered for session 1!  In Main Lesson classess: World Mythology and Scientific Discovery for the Middle Schoolers, and World Government, D.C. History, Chemisty, and Spanish for the Upper Schoolers.  In math, our students are studying everything from basic math, through algebra & geometry, and up to calculus.  The Reading Group topics are Perspectives in Reading and Writing, The Role of Immigration in the U.S., Adulthood (focus on career, college, coming of age), and Reading to Discover the World.  And, finally, in the afternoon class period, our students are enjoying Ceramics, Improv & Short Scenes, Digital Photography, Elements of Art, Sports, and Study Skills.

By week three of school, we've already taken a number of field trips, too! Yesterday, the middle school went to Greenbrier State Park, where they swam, hiked, picnicked, and fished. The D.C. History class has already been to the top of the Washington Monument, and they are headed to the Capitol building next week.  The Mythology class has been to the National Gallery of Art to look at Greek and Roman mythology-themed paintings. 

Thanks to our amazing teachers for all the work they put into making learning inspiring and fun, and thanks to our wonderful students for being such enthusiastic participants!