Middle School Hikes at Annapolis Rocks

On a stunningly beautiful, sunny, fall day yesterday, the middle school headed to Annapolis Rocks to be out in nature and hike for the day. About 15 students were joined by teachers Indigo, Troy, Matt, and Nijole.

Annapolis Rocks is in Meyersville, MD, overlooking Greenbrier State Park. Fall was a wonderful time of year to do the hike, with leaves in full autumn color.  Students learned about the Appalachian Trail and hiked for about one and one half hours to reach the cliffs and overlook, where they had lunch and chatted with one another.  All the students had brought water bottles in anticipation of finding a well-known spring that provides delicious, clean drinking water.  When they found the spring, they all filled up and drank their water, some students calling it the "most delicious water" they had ever tasted.

Annapolis Rocks has become one of our beloved annual outdoor adventures, and this year lived up to its reputation. Thank you to our middle schoolers for being such wonderful adventure companions!