Middle School Hits the Trail

The Middle School headed to the Shenandoah Mountains on Wednesday, October 12th. Nijole, Matt, Troy and Ethan took our 21 middle schoolers for the adventure.

On the early morning van ride up to the Shenandoah mountains, the group munched on bagels and cream cheese. They reached Skyline Drive and went about 20 miles towards Hawksbill Mountain, where they set off for the summit. It was a clear day and a great day to be outdoors, with classmates and teachers, getting some exercise. Everyone made it to the top in under an hour, and the group did great! After summiting, they descended to have lunch at Big Meadows. The kids loved the meadow and explored with the teachers, finding deer bones, playing frisbee and soccer, and enjoying the sunshine.

On the ride home, the group had fun doing riddles, and also freestyle rapping. Another great adventure day at Parkmont!