Middle School Internships

We've entered the season of Parkmont's Middle School Internships!  The Upper School students spend six hours per week, all year long, at their internship sites. The Middle Schoolers prepare for that aspect of their high school experience by spending 2 hours on Wednesdays for ten weeks at their internships.  

We have one small group of 6th-8th graders doing community service projects, and the rest of the students are doing individual internships.

The small group started off at The Earth Conservation Corps, helping them get ready for Anacostia River Festival. Now they are heading to DC Central Kitchen to spend 3 weeks doing food preparation.  Finally, they will work at Washington Parks and People to do gardening and beautification at schools and recreation centers.

Individual Middle School interns are spending their ten weeks as sites such as Highwood Theater, Jubilee Housing, Bicycle Place, Real Talk DC, Gingko Gardens, Elementary Schools, Nursing Homes, and more.  

Expect to see these hard working students' projects at the Spring Exhibition Night on May 13th!