A New Session at Parkmont

Session Two began at Parkmont last week. Students maintain the same Reading Group and math classes, but they have new Main Lessons and Afternoon Classes.  Main Lesson offerings in the Middle School this session were World Geography and Ecology.  In the Upper School, students chose between Chemistry, Spanish, Psychology, Physics, and Research Writing. 

Research Writing, taught by expert teacher Kim Schraf, is one of the most rigorous courses offered at Parkmont.  We think of it as a "bootcamp for college."  The class consists of almost all seniors, two of whom  are currently also taking several college classes at Montgomery College.  The class writes two papers in seven weeks. The first one is on the same topic (Do same-sex classrooms afford students a better learning experience?), and the second one the students select (with approval from Kim) and research and write more independently.  Students use college MLA text as they work, and there is a high level of vocabulary and grammar review. 

The class offers strategies in confidence in writing, self-help support, techniques for revision, general esteem-building, and writer's block.  Students work on sharing sources and personal voices...A hallmark course of Parkmont's curriculum!