Parkmont Cooks!

Our last period of the day at Parkmont three days per week is called "afternoon class."  This is our time to engage in extra curricular activities such as the arts, athletics, computer technology, and music.  Each of our five sessions, students have 6-7 afternoon classes to choose from.  Some sessions the choices might be hiking, tennis, ceramics, gardening, yoga, digital photography or fashion design.

This session, a group of our students have been taking cooking with Alex.  Each Monday, the students are given a different challenge.  The challenge might include a theme (International cuisine, Vegetarian dishes, or Soups, for example) and a skill set (such as knife skills, or sauces.) The students then form teams and begin researching recipes. On Tuesday, they go food shopping.  Thursday, they begin cooking.   Each week 3-4 groups are making dishes, and the building smells GOOD!  

The groups have made such delicious things as crepes, stir fries, chili, curry broccoli coconut soup, potato dishes, and more!  They are having a great time, learning a lot about food, recipes and the economics of cooking, and they are building their experience to be future chefs or at-home cooks.