Parkmont's 34th Annual Poetry Festival

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, the 34th Parkmont Poetry Festival was held, this year in the Sidwell Friends School meeting house.

Each year, 40 D.C. student winners are selected by four poet judges from among hundreds of entries from all 8 wards of the District.  Eleven D.C. schools (public, private, and charter) had winners in 2016.   We enjoyed a lovely and inspiring afternoon listening to the young poets read their works.   

Thank you to all the many teachers across Washington who participate, and a particular thanks to the students, who share with us their hopes and dreams and fears. Your poetry amazes us.

New Year

I'm skating into the new year.

I drove out of the last year.

I am leaving behind fights, arguments

and all negative stuff on the side of the road,

right befoer I cross over to the new year.


I had a 365-day-long war with the old year

and now I will have a 365-day-long friendship

with the new year.

I fought hard;

I fell and got back up;

I burned, crashed, stomped, punched

the old year

to get here.

Now this year will be a cloud.

This year is a game called I Win, I Won't Lose.

I peeked into the old year for a quick second

and saw history

then I looked at the new year and saw

a great future.


Albert Gordon, grade 6
Charles Hart Middle School