Session Five Main Lessons

We began our final session for the year this week: Session 5.  Students came back refreshed from spring break, and were ready for their new classes.  

In the Middle School, students chose between taking Flight and Journalism.  Flight challenges students to observe, predict, test, and generalize.  Each investigation tempts students to open their minds, draw upon a variety of experiences, and explore a new range of possibilities, while simultaneously supporting their ideas with a precise data and accurate calculations.   Projects in this course will include building small devices to test the fundamental physics of flight, as well as larger projects that we build and test in the air!  In the Journalism class, students will study the history and development of journalism, keep up with current events, and write their own articles.  They will watch the news, read the paper, listen to podcasts, practice journalistic writing, watch films, take trips, and engage in discussions that enhance our understanding of journalism and current events.

Upper School Main Lessons include Spanish 2B, Potomac River Ecology, Psychology, and Introduction to Philosophy. The Ecology course will promote an awareness and understanding of the different trophic levels (including humans) that interact in the Potomac river watershed. They will study river ecology, conservation, human water usage, and the role of the Potomac river in the Washington metropolitan area.  Psychology will focus on the human mind. Our brains are enormously complex, but many of the things we do can be traced back to either our genetics or experience. They will discuss different types of intelligence, how we learn, classes of psychological disorders, sleep, motivation, conditioning, personality, and our senses. The Philosophy course will take a look at some of the most prominent issues in Philosophy, what they mean to us, and how we can learn from them to find out even more about ourselves.   We will learn what it means to be in an argument, what logic really tries to do, and how we can use it to our benefit.  They will then evaluate some of the most prominent philosophers' writings throughout history.


So much exciting learning happening within these walls!