Upper School Internships

An integral part of our education at Parkmont is the Internship program, which Upper Schoolers participate in every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Over the course of a given year, our high school students spend 180 hours at their internship sites. Most remain with one internship site for the whole year, and others switch to a second site mid-year.

In addition to getting great hands-on learning experience, building their aspirations and dreams, and acquiring working skills and confidence, our students participate in a number of projects each year.  During each of the 5 sessions at Parkmont, students write two journal entries about their experiences (for a total of ten per year). Over the course of the year, they also engage in 4 projects:

  • Creating a personal resume
  • Writing a complete description of their internship's organization and structure
  • Interviewing their supervisor and transcribing the interview
  • Building an online blog, where they store and report on all sorts of information about their internship site, including the above items, live on the web, to share with their classmates & teachers

Interns are at a variety of locations and types of businesses around the city: Dance Place, The U.S. Botanical Gardens, Takoma Park Animal Clinic, CentroNia, the Hillwood Museum & Gardens, City Bikes, Rock Creek Stables, Shepherd Park Library, and Martha's Table, just to name a few. Just imagine the great experience these students are gaining at these museum, vet clinics, shops, schools, and not-for-profits.  Parkmont students learning out in the world!