Yale University- B.A. History (2014); University of Maryland – MSW (2016)

I came to Parkmont in 2018 after two years as a social worker in Atlanta. I wanted to become a teacher because I love the energy of the classroom and the opportunity to keep learning new things with my students. Growing up in Baltimore, I went to a small school with a strong sense of community, and I knew I wanted to work in a place with the same sense of community — somewhere that felt like a second home. Parkmont turned out to be a good bet.

Social work and community-building is still very important to me, and when I’m not at school, I try to remain active in social justice organizations. I also love stargazing, film festivals and road trips; after my first year at Parkmont, I took an amazing five-week trip through the Southwest. Lastly, and most importantly, I have a three-year-old pup named Todd, who likes listening to audiobooks and taking me on long walks.