Change the Course of Your Child's Future

Some students will succeed at almost any school. We are not for those students.

The World is Our Classroom

Field trips, on-site learning and real-world internships. We turn the world into a classroom.

The Parkmont Program

Our day isn't like a day at other schools. It's more focused, less pressured, and more interactive.

Parkmont Poetry Festival

The Parkmont Poetry Festival celebrates its 33rd year of showcasing the poetry and voices of D.C. area youth on May 2nd.

Parkmont Poetry Festival Video

Please enjoy this new video that explains the Parkmont Poetry Festival.

Parkmont's 34th Annual Poetry Festival

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, the 34th Parkmont Poetry Festival was held, this year in the Sidwell Friends School meeting house.

Each year, 40 D.C. student winners are selected by four poet judges from among hundreds of entries from all 8 wards of the District.  Eleven D.C. schools (public, private, and charter) had winners in 2016.   We enjoyed a lovely and inspiring afternoon listening to the young poets read their works.   

Thank you to all the many teachers across Washington who participate, and a particular thanks to the students, who share with us their hopes and dreams and fears. Your poetry amazes us.

New Year

I'm skating into the new year.

I drove out of the last year.

I am leaving behind fights, arguments

Session Five Main Lessons

We began our final session for the year this week: Session 5.  Students came back refreshed from spring break, and were ready for their new classes.  

Parkmont Cooks!

Our last period of the day at Parkmont three days per week is called "afternoon class."  This is our time to engage in extra curricular activities such as the arts, athletics, computer technology, and music.  Each of our five sessions, students have 6-7 afternoon classes to choose from.  Some sessions the choices might be hiking, tennis, ceramics, gardening, yoga, digital photography or fashion design.

Middle School Internships

We've entered the season of Parkmont's Middle School Internships!  The Upper School students spend six hours per week, all year long, at their internship sites. The Middle Schoolers prepare for that aspect of their high school experience by spending 2 hours on Wednesdays for ten weeks at their internships.  

We have one small group of 6th-8th graders doing community service projects, and the rest of the students are doing individual internships.

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