Change the Course of Your Child's Future

Some students will succeed at almost any school. We are not for those students.

The World is Our Classroom

Field trips, on-site learning and real-world internships. We turn the world into a classroom.

The Parkmont Program

Our day isn't like a day at other schools. It's more focused, less pressured, and more interactive.

Parkmont Poetry Festival

The Parkmont Poetry Festival celebrated its 32nd year of showcasing the poetry and voices of D.C. area youth on May 3rd.

Parkmont Gardeners Give Back to the Neighborhood

The afternoon gardening class has completed an exciting project for the neighborhood. Over the winter, when the grounds were too frozen to dig, students built and painted a borrowing library where students, faculty, neighbors, and passers-by can give or take books for others' enjoyment.   The inventory is always changing, and it is wonderful especially for those waiting for the bus each day!  The class and Cari Rudd, their creative gardening instructor, also donated and installed a park bench by the library and bus stop.  The corner of Blagden and Sixteenth Street is now a much more welcoming spot than it has ever been before. Thank you to Cari and to her hard-working students!

Art at Parkmont

This session there are two art offerings during the afternoon class period.  One group is taking "Independent Studio" with Rose.  Rose, as many of you know, not only works at Parkmont, but is a local artist and illustrator, too.  Most of the group is doing print making, or creating comic books, and one student is painting.   The print making group is working on making linoleum block prints, using a super hero theme.  Some of the comic book students are has also adapted this theme, making comic books about superheroes, and some even making some of their comics using linoleum block prints.    

Upper School Internships

An integral part of our education at Parkmont is the Internship program, which Upper Schoolers participate in every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.  Over the course of a given year, our high school students spend 180 hours at their internship sites.  Most remain with one internship site for the whole year, and others switch to a second site mid-year.

In addition to getting great hands-on learning experience, building their aspirations and dreams, and acquiring working skills and confidence, our students participate in a number of projects each year.  During each of the 5 sessions at Parkmont, students write two journal entries about their experiences (for a total of ten per year).  Over the course of the year, they also engage in 4 projects:

Session Four Begins Today

Welcome Back! Today is the start of session four.

Our Upper School and Middle School students have great new Main Lesson options for the session: Chemistry, Spanish, World Geography, Social Movements, Capitalism, Robotics, and World Religions. In addition to these morning classes, their Reading Groups, and their math, students will also be able to select from the following Afternoon Classes: Fashion Design, Gardening, Art, Petitions & SAT Prep (for Seniors), Sports, Study Skills, Typing, and Ecology (for students who went on the Ecology Everglades Trip.)

We hope that all of our students are well rested after their winter break and are ready to delve into an exciting new session!

Everglades Adventure Underway

The Everglades Ecology trip is well underway and they are having a true adventure!!! Check out (and like!) Parkmont's Facebook page to get photos and the blow by blow on what the kids are learning and seeing each day.

Here are a few quotes from Facebook from the travelers:

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