Every year, Parkmont takes academic trips and adventure trips, around the city and around our globe.

The Internship Program

Upper School students spend six hours per week getting real work experience at internship sites.

The Parkmont Poetry Festival

Celebrating the words of our youth!  The 35th Annual Poetry Festival will be held on April 29, 2017.

Individualized Learning

Parkmont features small classes, connections with teachers, a simplified school day, and individualized learning.

The World is our Classroom

Parkmont students learn out in the world--on mountain tops, at city museums, at local internship sites.

Learning Made Fun

Fostering Individual Growth and Enthusiasm for Learning

Middle School Hits the Trail

The Middle School headed to the Shenandoah Mountains on Wednesday, October 12th. Nijole, Matt, Troy and Ethan took our 21 middle schoolers for the adventure.

On the early morning van ride up to the Shenandoah mountains, the group munched on bagels and cream cheese. They reached Skyline Drive and went about 20 miles towards Hawksbill Mountain, where they set off for the summit. It was a clear day and a great day to be outdoors, with classmates and teachers, getting some exercise. Everyone made it to the top in under an hour, and the group did great! After summiting, they descended to have lunch at Big Meadows. The kids loved the meadow and explored with the teachers, finding deer bones, playing frisbee and soccer, and enjoying the sunshine.

On the ride home, the group had fun doing riddles, and also freestyle rapping. Another great adventure day at Parkmont!

Do You Have Need of an Intern?

The Parkmont Internship experience is, for many of our upper-school students, a game-changer. Stepping off the grounds of Parkmont for three hours on two afternoons a week and entering the world of work (not as an observer, but as a team member) can suddenly put the possibilities and responsibilities of the future in clearer focus.

Academic Intrigue at Parkmont

You probably know about Parkmont's unique Main Lesson program--where students take one core subject for two hours a day for seven weeks at a time, and then switch to a new Main Lesson. Students take this Main Lesson course alongside a math class, an English class, an advisory session, and an Afternoon Class (extracurricular sports, art, media, and more.)

Not only does taking a Main Lesson give more students more time in a particular subject area (and less homework overall), BUT, it also allows them to get more in depth in the materials, having more time to engage in projects, field trips, and conversation.

Back to School Information!

We are excited to start the 2016-17 school year!  For new families, please know that you will receive many emails regarding school information from us throughout the year.  Sometimes, we will request a confirmation email so we know you got the information.  If we don't hear back from you via email, someone from the school will usually follow up with a phone call. Parents can always feel free to email us about general school questions.

Once school begins, you will receive the name and contact information for your student's advisor.  He or she will be your primary point of contact regarding academic questions specific to your child.

Here are some important scheduling reminders:

Parkmont Poetry Festival Video

Please enjoy this new video that explains the Parkmont Poetry Festival.

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