Pomona College- B.A. English (1998); Catholic University – M.A. Social Work (2012)

I was born and raised in Houston, TX, which is where my family still lives. I made my way to California for four years at Pomona College, then decided to move to Washington, DC in 1998 because… why not? I started a zine with a college friend, then, within a year of arriving in town, got a job as an intern at a tiny school on 16th Street NW. Since then, with my Parkmont students, I’ve climbed Chichen Itza (back when they still allowed that!) and biked within feet of alligators; I’ve learned to drive a houseboat, have mastered skiing on the bunny slope, and met civil rights leader John Lewis. I’ve taught English and Social Studies classes and serve as the Dean of Students — which, on some days, is just as adventurous as any of those other adventures.