Harvard University- B.A. Social Relations (1971)

I’ve spent the last 40 of my 50 years in independent education at Parkmont, adventuring with young people and loving the hundreds of important conversations made possible each year by our size and mission. I started teaching on a 350-foot square rigger in 1971 after graduating from Harvard and then spent five inspiring years at Edmund Burke and four at the Somerset School learning about the virtues of small schools and creative programming. Along the way I’ve spent 45 years helping organize the annual Northfield Family Conference, 4 years dancing with Liz Lerman’s Dance Exchange, 2 running the FONZ summer bus program for DCPS, 15 coaching my children and their friends in travel league soccer, and 35 helping support the leaders of my fellow small school heads in the Washington Small Schools Association. At Parkmont I’m proudest of the remarkable support we’ve provided for young people for decades, the Poetry Festival, Internship Program, and Parkmont Classrooms that are in their fortieth years, and the young people we’ve helped get a start in the field of education. That’s the same time my wife Holly and I have lived in Takoma Park, much of it graced by the company of our three adult children, Matt, Michael, and Maggie.